What benefits do the free zones offer to foreign investors?

As the first emirate to roll out the free zone model, Dubai provides foreign companies with intriguing incentives and concessions, such as 100% ownership of a company and zero taxes. Over 20 free zones have been established throughout the region for various industries and sectors, such as media and finance. Even though these zones offer unparalleled conveniences and an extremely efficient infrastructure, prospective client should know which zone best suits their needs keeping in the concessions these zones offer.

This blog post highlights the benefits of starting a company in one such free zone.

Foreign ownership

Making a free zone company in the United Arab Emirates allows for complete foreign ownership, which is one of the most significant benefits. Thus, in order to form a company, the foreign investor does not need to locate a sponsor who is a national of the UAE. It is possible to own property abroad regardless of the investor's nationality.

Incentives and Tax Exemptions

UAE Free Zones provide a very advantageous tax environment. Businesses founded in these zones usually enjoy substantial or total exemptions from taxes. This includes the majority of goods and services being free from import and export duties, corporate income tax, personal income tax, and value-added tax (VAT). Businesses benefit greatly from these tax incentives, which raise their profitability and competitiveness and draw in foreign investors.

Streamlined Registration and Licensing Procedures

Free zones have been known for their quick and easy registration and licensing procedures. In Free Zones, where a one-stop-shop approach is implemented, the bureaucratic red tape that often goes along with opening a business is minimized. This implies that business owners can easily and quickly obtain all required licenses, permits, and approvals, enabling them to launch their ventures right away.


Free zones are typically designed with all the amenities and facilities needed to conduct business operations. Everything you need falls under the category of infrastructure. Moreover, a variety of office and warehouse spaces are included in its design. You are going to get a fully functional office to operate the business from the moment you register.

Help you identify the right location and registration for your company

When business owners lack the knowledge or time to register and regulate their company, they can get assistance from a business setup consultant. A consulting firm may be able to assist in determining the best location for the business and the scale at which you have the best chance of success in the marketplace.

Enhanced Success Rate

Many businesses have the potential to earn more money than they do at the moment. But entrepreneurs often grow accustomed to their roles and overlook these chances to boost their revenue. Business consultants are very good at spotting these kinds of opportunities. They can assist entrepreneurs in seizing these chances to boost their company's cash flow and profitability.

Diverse Categories of Business Activities Permitted

UAE Free Zones support a wide range of commercial ventures and industry sectors. The types of businesses that can be established in Free Zones are flexible and range from manufacturing and trade to, media, healthcare, and finance. This variety fosters creativity and enables companies to leverage their specialized knowledge, all the while taking advantage of the industry-specific infrastructure and friendly atmosphere of the Free Zone.

Smooth hiring of workers

Firms operating in free zones have the ability to efficiently and affordably handle labor hiring procedures. Employers have the right to hire foreign nationals.

The proximity to International Markets and Supply Chains

Many UAE Free Zones are perfectly located to provide businesses with easy access to international supply chains and markets. The UAE is a perfect hub for global trade and logistics due to its well-connected ports, airports, and transportation networks. Free Zone companies profit from the country's position as an entry point between the East and the West by having easy access to the import and export of goods.

We hope the perks of establishing a free zone company in the UAE are now obvious to you. Working with a business setup consultant such as Vista UAE can assist you in carrying out your company formation quickly and effortlessly. We can help you establish a company in any of the main free zones in Dubai. The documentation and legal requirements for forming a company vary depending on the free zone. Contact the Vista team as soon as possible if you need any help forming a company or with related services.